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Meet the Unstoppable Dream Achievers Who Make Six Figure Incomes

Brian and Rhonda Swan are polar opposites. Brian’s a relaxed go-with-the flow, surfer dude and Rhonda is the take charge type as described as someone that makes coffee nervous.   But as a family, Brian and Rhonda Swan are Unstoppable.
These dream achievers are our mentors in the Lifepath Unlimited family and operators of a top legitimate home business opportunities in south florida.

Brian and Rhonda Swan have been traveling around the world for over three years with their four year old daughter Hanalei,who has a passport full of stamps and knows many languages.

From Panama, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bali, Fiji, Australia… the Swans are literally seeking an Endless Summer Journey. The difference is, unlike most travelers who are on a bit of a budget, the Swans are living the ultimate luxury lifestyle.

Things haven’t always been roses for the Brian and Rhonda Swan.

The Swans used to work in the corporate world wearing suits and earning six figure salaries back in San Diego. Rhonda Swan was a sales executive for GlaxoSmithKline and Brian was an engineer- they were driving a Mercedes and an Escalade and buying and selling million dollar homes. They had the house, the car and the lifestyle that most people dream of and aspire to.

But five years ago Rhonda Swan assessed her life and decided that she couldn’t face putting her child through daycare. They quit their jobs and started a portable business working in personal development for a lifestyle company, Life Path Unlimited, teaching people how to create wealth and live the lifestyle of their dreams.

As they began to buy and sell more properties they invested money in a golf course and property development, but the money disappeared and the golf course was never built, resulting in an expensive court battle. The Swans lost a lot of money, sold their homes and decided that they could either stay and rebuild their lives in San Diego, or pursue their dream to travel the world and let go of their material things.   And so they decided to start their nomadic lifestyle and start living their dreams.

Now Brian is fulfilling his dream of surfing the best waves in the world and showing his own daughter different cultures and ways of life. Rhonda is enjoying watching her daughter grow up and being around her every day without having to put her child through daycare.

From corporate executives without a life to nomadic travelers fulfilling their lives, these Dream Achievers are living their dream.


Real Home Business Ideas that work in Florida

Finding legitimate work at home business opportunities probably isn’t nearly as hard as finding legitimate work at home jobs. But finding the right work at home business for your personality and risk-tolerance can prove to be equally challenging.

I try to get as much good information to you as I possibly can through the free newsletter, including low-cost home business ideas, reputable companies with home jobs, reputable websites that list companies that accept telecommuters (most are free, a few are low-cost), and explanations of how various scams work. Many people have found the free newsletter a welcome relief from overhyped and questionable “make money fast” home business products and have learned how to start low-risk, low-cost home businesses they can be proud to run and avoid the wrong online income solution or so-called home income cash machine their situation. Others have learned the truth about finding home jobs and learned how to avoid the home job scams currently flooding the internet.

Finding Work At Home Business Opportunities in Florida

Work at home jobs are hard to find…especially if you’ve never tried to find them before. If you think there’s some magical entrance-way to immediately landing a work at home job, I can almost guarantee that you will lose money to many of the following scams…

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And in the recent years, home business scams and home job scams have skyrocketed, which is why we provide continuous updates of the new types of scams to look out for along with practical advice on how to avoid most of them – in addition to helping you understand how to find the legitimate work at home businesses and jobs.

Yes, There ARE Legitimate Home Business Opportunities

In fact, there are some very legitimate ways you can make money from home. And I have found a few good eggs who lay out in a step-by-step fashion exactly how to make these moneymaking systems work…

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars buying every hotly recommended money making program or piece of software people are pushing at you every day. The truth is that starting a home business can be challenging at first – but it does NOT need to be expensive.

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